A Need for Good TDS meter ..

Knowing the amount of Total Dissolved salts in the water is vital to keeping shrimps in fact any fishes . TDS, mostly bicarbonate, sodium, sulfate, and chloride  )

High TDS in water affect gill and kidney functions that impact survivorship and size of fishes. . Freshwater Aquariums with high TDS will result in unsuccessful acclimation of  shrimps/fish  results in mortality . 

The Dissolved salts in the tap water we get varies depending on the location . Knowing the TDS of water is vital to shrimp keeping .. 


TDS Recommendation for 


Caridina shrimps ( Crystal red shrimps , Blue bolts etc )  -  100 - 200 

Neocaridina shrimp  ( Red cherry , Fire red , Yellow sakura etc)  - 150 - 250 


Things to Consider before buying a TDS meter .. 


1 - Check for Meters if it can be calibrated . - Few Low cost TDS meters will not have the option for calibration . This is vital because u never know  if  the TDS pens reading are accurate . The preset calibration may change due to varied factors resulting in inaccurate Reading .. 


2 - Buy Meters which comes with calibration solutions --- sometimes it is very difficult to find the calibration solutions , i have faced issues with the new TDS meters not showing the measurements correctly . it is difficult to find  calibration  liquid. Have to roam across the scientific accessories shop  to find one . .






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