Why Keep Crystal Red Shrimps ?

October 2, 2016

Most People very often ask why keep shrimps ? My Answer " Shrimps are the only few living creature which can mutate and you have hybrid in your Aquarium" , A whole new variety .Isn't it awesome i cannot think getting an hybrid out any aquatic creature which can be kept in aquarium so easily .  Caridina species it all started off with wild Bee shrimps  now  you have close to 100 new variety of the same species . I cannot imagine what new Mutations will come up a year down the lane :) . You have an excellent opportunity in your lifetime to keep them and try to get your own mutation and get your names in the books . You have no chance of doing that whatsoever with others fishes . As  long as all the water parameters are correct  you should have no problem keeping and breeding them .

They are not as expensive to setup when compared to maintaining other Fish tanks over time  . People may feel The Shrimps Are expensive , Of course yes Hybrid and New variety shrimps are expensive . The price is to APPRECIATE THE TIME TAKEN FOR THE BREEDER TO GET THE NEW VARIETY .It does not happen overnight i guess it would take more then a year or two  to get a hybrid . 

I say Anyone can always start  of  with keeping a Crystal Red Shrimp . Gradually move forward . it's a one time initial investment to setup up a tank and All you need to do is maintain it . You get the results More shrimps you can MAKE MONEY BY SELLING THEM . It's more like a Mutual Fund investment :)  you get Returns easily . .

It all comes down to one thing Hobby , You just get into it once and trust me you will love it and gets more interesting as you get more indulged  , Gets so easy that one day you will recommend more people to keep Shrimps . 


In INDIA we understand the difficulties  and challenges we face with regards to this Hobby .  
PLEASE do feel Free to contact us or any of our colleagues (#Shrimpytrade, #Aquaziaindia ,#Shrimpheavnen )  who can help Make this Shrimp Keeping Hobby as easy as it can ever get . Please feel free to write to us any time Admin@shrimpheaven.in .










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