Bee Shrimps Road to Successful Breeding and keeping .


If you've read my previous blog you will know by now that  I've spent lot of money and invested time  killed hundreds of Shrimps before i succeeded.This is completely based out of my experience and success.  Lets Start off with the most basic thing Choosing a Fish tank .


Tank Size  -  I would recommend  4 gallon and above tank. Considering the bio-load and maintenance .The more the water the less chances of water contamination due to overfeeding ,dead shrimp


etc  .


Tank Location  - The Tank location is key to happy and successful shrimp keeping and Breeding  Do not keep the Shrimp tank  -Near the Kitchen ,Windows, Puja Room (temple)   etc.

 If you have childrens at home keep the tank out of their reach , they may end up washing there  hands ,sailing their boats even fishing out the shrimps :) .

 you can place the tank in the hall or a fish room if you have one preferably, in the bedroom too if you  want to .But make sure you do not use any Mosquito repellent,Room Sprays ,Incense Sticks etc   .


Substrate  -  The soil which has a good buffer capacity and the size of the gravel should allow the water circulation  and also should encourage the nitrifying bacteria . my choice -

ADA -  You have to Cycle the tank at-least for a month  with lot of plants in the fish tank.Most of them use ADA.Buffer capacity - 1-2 years 

PH Buffer Range - 5 - 7

Contro Soil  - My personal favourite Tank Cycle period - 3 weeks , Nitrate Flu cation  - NIL

Buffer Capacity -1-2 years . Buffer Range 5 - 7.5

CAL AQUA LABS Black Earth -  The best soil in the market , it's unlike any other soil does not leech Ammonia and Nitrate . Works Awesome maintaining the PH at 6  when used correct quantity . Try it once . 


Tank with No substrate -


I personally  perfer  a bare bottom  tank with no substrate with lot of mosses  tied to drift wood and Surface floating plants like amazon frogbit and others  with a good Filteration and the mesh put to the water inlet if youre using a canister , hangon filters . Bare bottom tanks you don't have to worry about the nitrate , Ammonia flucating . Just have to Monitor PH  ocassionaly but if the water is clean no worries and another advantage is you can use the small air inlet pipe to suck out the waste in the bottom of the tank if your using a sponge Filter.

It is also easy to take out the Uneaten food .




Choosing the right type of filter depeneding on the tank size and the Substrate you use is the most vital part . Bee shrimps prefer oxygenated water .

Sponge Filter -These filters are excellent biological filters . They are inexpensive.  The benefits is their ease in cleaning, which in turn lowers the amount of organic material being broken down in the nitrogen cycle, Also you can clean it in minutes . There are number if Sponge filters available in the market some of them come with Double sponge . You do not have to worry about shrimplets  being sucked into .

Canister  -  Canister filters are best known for their ability to hold large amounts of different filter media and their excellent mechanical filtration . however when it comes to a Shrimp tanks you have to be a bit  careful choosing  the filter as per the tank size and the water capacity .

The more powerfull the filters chance of shrimplets being sucked into even after using the mesh that fits in the water inlet valve .

Internal Filters  - Internal Filters i would say not preffered for the shrimp tanks , however are best to  improve the water circulation in the tank .  i've used SUNSUN HJ-311 B  and HJ 532 for 2 feets tanks they have additional components which u can connect to the water outlet of the filter to reduce the pressure  .

HOB Filters - They have a lower flow and less media , can be considered as an alternative .

you can cover the intake with a sponge or pantyhose to avoid shrimps being sucked into .

Some HOB filters are Pain , you have have to fill the water every time you have a powercut inorder for them to start else the motor will run and will burn out . The best ones which you can rely on are expensive  .



 Plants  - plants which can survive with less nutrient requirment, medium light and without Co2

                are best for the Shrimp tank . Few Plants i've used are Mosses ,Crytps ets .

 It is important to know the plant sources some plants imported are sprayed with pesticides

 to declare them as Disease free for custom clearance . It is always better to wash,rise the plants bought from unknown source and keep them in the water for few days before placing them in the shrimp tank . We can also keep Anubias and ferns but when you unintentionally damage the plant it is said that they secrete some chemical when eaten by shrimps they die 


Lighting   - we can use medium to bright lights . I use LED lights for all my tanks


Water Test Kit  - They come very handy ,when you see shrimps stressed out or to monitor the water parameters . Always advisable to have a TDS Meter, PH Pen or PH paper .

And Nitrate,Nitrite and ammonia test kit before introducing shrimps to the tank . 


Water - I personally use RO water for all my shrimp tanks  to be safe . . It is recomendded to add minerals to replenish the water as during the  filtreation process  most of the minerals and nutrients in the water is depleted . 

Usually my water TDS between 30 -40 and PH of 6 . I Add Shirakura Ca+  mineral powder to replenish the water  to increase  TDS  range between 70 - 120  and it does not alter the PH. 


Cycling the Tank   - It is best to cycle the tank  for atleast a week or two  even better for  a month so we have ample amout of beneficial bacteria , also some algae in the tank . 

I would recommend changing 10-20 percent of water every week  .I add some Almond leaves ,Alder cones  it helps maintain the ph also supports the bacterial growth . 


Temperature  - Bee shrimps get stressed out when the temperature fluctuates.

The stable temperature will kick start breeding process and incerease the survival rate of shrimplets . Recommended temperature -23-25 degree celsius  you can keep a heater set at 24 Degree  . 


Food - I use Shirakura and Shrimppin they best work for me and  do not alter the water parameters much. I Add some boiled spinach , Carrots and few vegetables once a month . 








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