Crystal Red Shrimps My experience


Hey All, I know you  have multiple articles out there many people talking  different things .

I'm writing this blog out of my own experience after losing lot of Shrimps  I learnt the hard-way and Finally Succeeded, the Satisfaction what you get is something Different trust me .


If you are planning to keep Bee Shrimps be it any Eg: Crystal Red Shrimps , Blue bolts ,Crystal black ,Wine Red's  and Many new comers . It is important to plan a head  .

I will explain you briefly what i went trough to learn to successfully keep and breed them 

My Story- I walked into a pet store  couple of years  ago carried home few Crystal Red shrimps   put them in my planted tank .I couldn't find any the next morning :) . Then I setup another 25 gallon planted tank used very good strong substrates after a while plants started to grow i was happy, went back to the same store spent good amount of money bought 20 of them home introduced them to my newly setup tank . I saw few Dead shrimps the next day and within a week all were dead .I Started reading blogs and articles online got some expert advise for the shop keeper.

I partially Succeeded but couldn't breed them . I used to see Shrimps Berried  and one fine day the eggs are gone and no Shrimplets . Putting all my experience and readings I wanted to try something different  and i Succeeded :) :) . To be successful in keeping and breeding Crystal red shrimps or any Caridina  Species you need patience and preparation well in advance before getting them and a little bit research  .


My Story on Successful Shrimp keeping to be continued next blog  will  update what i learnt , The Important things to successfuly breed and keep them :)





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