Shirakura White Mineral Powder is a water conditioner made of different vital  substances. It contains  calcium carbonate, which prevents skinning problems and promotes  healthy  skin also contains Proteins, which are responsible for the bright, clear white stripes of the bee shrimps and natural colorant Astaxanthin, which is extracted from a type of algae and is responsible for the shrimps' bright red, and several different minerals, vitamins and micronutrients. This also promotes growth of microorganisms which aides growth of baby shrimps and also will enhance their colour .
DOSAGE - For a 60 l aquarium, dust one level spoon* of White Mineral Powder onto the water surface every three to four days, enabling the powder to distribute properly. The fine particles will sink down to the ground quickly and support the soil bacteria and microorganisms. Dosage varies depending on the stock of shrimps
Weight 10 gm .

SHIRAKURA - White Mineral power Packet