Knowing the amount of Total Dissolved salts in the water is vital to keeping shrimps in fact any fishes . TDS, mostly bicarbonate, sodium, sulfate, and chloride  )

High TDS in water affect gill and kidney functions that impact survivorship and size of fishes. . Freshwater Aquariums with high TDS will result in unsuccessful acclimation of  shrimps/fish  results in mortality . 

The Dissolved salts in the tap water we get varies depending on the location . Knowing the TDS of water is vital to shrimp keeping .. 

TDS Recommendation for 

Caridina shrimps ( Crystal...

If you've read my previous blog you will know by now that  I've spent lot of money and invested time  killed hundreds of Shrimps before i succeeded.This is completely based out of my experience and success.  Lets Start off with the most basic thing Choosing a Fish tank .

Tank Size  -  I would recommend  4 gallon and above tank. Considering the bio-load and maintenance .The more the water the less chances of water contamination due to overfeeding ,dead shrimp

etc  .

Tank Location  - The Tank location is key to happy and successful shrimp keepin...

Hey All, I know you  have multiple articles out there many people talking  different things .

I'm writing this blog out of my own experience after losing lot of Shrimps  I learnt the hard-way and Finally Succeeded, the Satisfaction what you get is something Different trust me .

If you are planning to keep Bee Shrimps be it any Eg: Crystal Red Shrimps , Blue bolts ,Crystal black ,Wine Red's  and Many new comers . It is important to plan a head  .

I will explain you briefly what i went trough to learn to successfully keep and breed them 

My Story...

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