Knowing the amount of Total Dissolved salts in the water is vital to keeping shrimps in fact any fishes . TDS, mostly bicarbonate, sodium, sulfate, and chloride  )

High TDS in water affect gill and kidney functions that impact survivorship and size of fishes. . Freshwater Aquariums with high TDS will result in unsuccessful acclimation of  shrimps/fish  results in mortality . 

The Dissolved salts in the tap water we get varies depending on the location . Knowing the TDS of water is vital to shrimp keeping .. 

TDS Recommendation for 

Caridina shrimps ( Crystal...

October 2, 2016

Most People very often ask why keep shrimps ? My Answer " Shrimps are the only few living creature which can mutate and you have hybrid in your Aquarium" , A whole new variety .Isn't it awesome i cannot think getting an hybrid out any aquatic creature which can be kept in aquarium so easily .  Caridina species it all started off with wild Bee shrimps  now  you have close to 100 new variety of the same species . I cannot imagine what new Mutations will come up a year down the lane :) . You have an excellent opportunity in your lifetime to keep them and try to get yo...

If you've read my previous blog you will know by now that  I've spent lot of money and invested time  killed hundreds of Shrimps before i succeeded.This is completely based out of my experience and success.  Lets Start off with the most basic thing Choosing a Fish tank .

Tank Size  -  I would recommend  4 gallon and above tank. Considering the bio-load and maintenance .The more the water the less chances of water contamination due to overfeeding ,dead shrimp

etc  .

Tank Location  - The Tank location is key to happy and successful shrimp keepin...

Hey All, I know you  have multiple articles out there many people talking  different things .

I'm writing this blog out of my own experience after losing lot of Shrimps  I learnt the hard-way and Finally Succeeded, the Satisfaction what you get is something Different trust me .

If you are planning to keep Bee Shrimps be it any Eg: Crystal Red Shrimps , Blue bolts ,Crystal black ,Wine Red's  and Many new comers . It is important to plan a head  .

I will explain you briefly what i went trough to learn to successfully keep and breed them 

My Story...

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